Arcolectric Temperature Micro-Logger


Arcolectric have introduced the Temperature Micro-Logger, an intelligent panel mounted device that monitors and stores temperatures for downloading over a wireless data link.
The device is ideal for applications where monitoring process temperature is important, particularly within the food preparation industry. It is especially useful for food storage, retail displays and prepared food outlets where accurate record keeping is essential. The Temperature Micro-Logger adds advanced logging functionality to a food storage unit for little cost increase, much smaller than would be expected by the end user. 


The Micro-Logger provides a clear and simple visual indication of the temperature conditions within the piece of equipment, utilising a simple go/no-go display principal. Blue LED illumination indicates when process temperatures are within safe limits. The display changes to a Red indication if the safe temperature limits are ever exceeded. Temperature measurement range can be set between -30ºC and +80ºC.
Designed for quick installation, the Micro-Logger has an industry standard snap-in profile, with a temperature sensor on flying leads for convenient remote mounting. The product can directly replace the mains neon indicator usually found on freezers, refrigeration and cold storage equipment, providing a fast, cost-effective upgrade of non-compliant or un-monitored equipment.
The temperature data is logged into an internal non-volatile memory at user programmable time intervals ranging from 1 second to 12 hours. Up to 14,000 measurements can be stored. The data can be downloaded via the built-in wireless infrared communication port using a PDA, Notebook or laptop computer and is time and date stamped, simplifying reporting and providing documented evidence of historical storage temperatures.
Retailers and producers need to ensure food products are kept at the recommended safe temperatures, and for self-protection, adequate temperature records must be kept. Complying with the relevant food storage regulations does not lay with the equipment manufacturer; it is the responsibility of the equipment end user. The addition of the Micro-logger to an item of food storage equipment enables manufacturers to supply added value to end users, and a facility to contribute to complying with the regulations.
The Micro-Logger carries UL, CE and FCC approvals


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