Crydom (Solid State Relays) Solutions for Heating Industry


Crydom Solid State Relays (SSRs) are widely used in the heating industry. By specifying the Random Turn-on versions, Crydom SSR’s can be used as proportional controllers for varying power to resistance type heaters. Applied in a more basic way, when used in conjunction with “on-off” style temperature controllers, Crydom SSRs can be used as a power cycling switch without concern for contact arcing, burning, or the resultant reduction of life expectancy.

Crydom SSR Ranges.jpg

With the wide range of SSR types available, Crydom relays can be selected and used to control Quartz lamp, ceramic, infrared, CalRod, cartridge, immersion, strip, and band type heaters among many others. In addition, SSR’s can control fuel valves, blower motors, damper motors, and serve as the interface between thermostats and their primary equipment.

The Crydom MCTC Series of micro-controlled SSR/temperature controllers can be used as a stand alone temperature controller where a compact, low cost solution is required. The MCTC eliminates the need for a separate controller and SSR assemblies, by combining both into one standard size SSR package.


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