Crydom (Solid State Relays) Solutions for Food Equipment


Crydom Solid State Relays (SSRs) are widely used in the food equipment industry as replacement to mercury contactors and electromechanical relays because of their ability to work in harsh environments. Since there are no moving parts contact wear is eliminated and their semiconductor based design makes them environmentally safe to be used in most applications including; ovens, fryers, heaters broilers, food warmers and holding equipment, and coffee makers.


Their epoxy sealed design even allows use in moisture prone applications such as produce misting systems found in grocery stores. Using Random Turn-on type Crydom SSR’s provides the ability to vary the available power to resistance type heaters by using burst control and with the availability of the new Crydom MC series of Temperature Proportional and Burst control products, the solutions are even easier than before.


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