CML – Making Solid State Lighting Easy to Use


April 2006 – Penetrating the growing architectural lighting market where optoelectronics at component level are largely unknown is an important opportunity for leading LED manufacturer CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT). LEDs have been perceived as difficult to use, requiring a range of power supplies, drivers, resistors, soldered connections, making them tricky to market in this industry. CML-IT’s new Connect&Glo© program, is designed to make solid state lighting easy, and is changing this perception. The company is offering a system of linking LED lighting units that anyone can connect together, just as easily as ordinary light bulbs.

Part of the Connect&Glo© program and specifically targeted at the architectural lighting market is CML-IT’s Arcilume range of products, designed to illuminate different interior or exterior areas of buildings with style and innovative LED solutions.


A key product is the Acsentio series of accent lighting offering subtle shades of light. Available in blue, red, green, yellow and white, Acsentio lights are available in 12V, 24V and 240V versions. Easy to fit and install, the lights feature an internal heat management system enabling them to run at relatively low temperatures, making them an ideal for use within furniture and fittings. Manufactured in CML-IT’s European facility in Hranice (Czech Republic), Acsentio accent lighting carries all necessary approvals for worldwide use.

Also within the Arcilume range are LEDules, a behind-the-scenes system of LEDs mounted on PCBs in a whole variety of shapes and sizes and designed to allow designers to mount lighting into whatever shape is available.

The Arcilume portfolio also includes Color Line, a range of rigid and flexible light guides complete with ‘light engines’ that offer a linear light in either straight or curved form to enable specific features to be illuminated to their best effect.

Completing the Arcilume range is a programmable illumination effects lighting system for interior and exterior use. Color Ray offers lighting units in a variety of shapes and sizes. The devices are all LED based providing an infinite variety of colours and effects.


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