CML LED Replacement for 6S6 Lamp Significantly Reduces Cost


April 2006 – The latest design innovation from CML Innovative Technologies (CML-IT) is a LED replacement for traditional 6S6 lamps currently used in theme parks as decorative lamps and for illuminating entrance portals to attractions. Developed in partnership with a major theme park, CML-IT’s new Sixcess lamp significantly reduces cost of ownership due to the LEDs’ low power consumption and longer life (5x) than traditional lamps. Maintenance savings alone are estimated to be over £170/€250 per device over its five year life cycle.

CML Sixcess.jpg

Sixcess lamps incorporate eight LEDs within a traditional screw based package. LEDs are laid out in a pattern to exactly mimic the visual effects of a regular filament lamp. CML-IT specifically developed the colours of the LEDs used for the Sixcess range, creating a visually equivalent drop-in replacement for 6S6 lamps.


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