Finder Miniature Time Delay Modules for Relays


The Finder 86 series miniature plug-in time delay modules can be used with a wide range of Finder rail-mounted relay socket combinations including the latest 46 Series Industrial Relays. The timer modules in the 86 series are among the smallest and most versatile currently available.


The modules offer the ability to introduce a time delay to the operation of relays, and are ideally suited for use with control circuits that require a delayed relay response in order to ensure the correct functioning of logic or sequence. The timer modules can either be fitted during panel assembly or retrofitted without any need for re-wiring or for the introduction of components requiring additional panel space.

The time delay modules are compatible with sockets having both screw and screwless connection formats, and can be used with relays from Finder’s 40, 44, 46, 55, 60 and 62 series, therefore providing the facility for multiple delayed contact combinations from 1 CO to 4 CO with switched current ratings from 7A to 16A at 250V AC or 30VDC.

ON delay and ON pulse functions, four time delay ranges spanning 1.5s to 64 min and a 12 – 24V AC or DC operating voltage mean that fewer models need to be held in stock to cover the whole range of available specifications.

By ensuring that all future introductions of relay socket combinations offer full compatibility with the 86 series, Finder guarantees the user continued maximum flexibility of operation for the widest variety of applications.


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